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Bloedel Donovan Park

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Bloedel Donovan Park

The Bloedel Donovan Park Discovery Tour shows how the City of Bellingham is managing stormwater runoff and reducing water pollution in this area. The park is a popular place to interact with our natural environment and the beauty of the shoreline. This tour will introduce you to four uniquely-different types of stormwater facilities: a media filter drain, a pervious concrete sidewalk, a stormwater vault, and a rain garden as well as other interesting features along the way.

In 1946, Julius H. and Mina Bloedel donated this 12.5 acres of prime property on Lake Whatcom. It has changed some since then. Stormwater and shoreline improvement projects completed in 2015 included onsite stormwater mitigation, the removal of an existing concrete bulkhead, and beach improvements. It also included pockets of additional native planting areas which also address water quality. Interpretive signs and lake-friendly plantings at the park educate homeowners about low-impact landscaping techniques. The City of Bellingham and Whatcom County have also instituted the Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP) with incentives for homeowners to adopt lake-friendly landscaping practices in the watershed. Other water quality improvement efforts include the use of phosphorus-free fertilizers in the watershed and campaigns to encourage scooping dog poop. These efforts are helping to protect the quality of Lake Whatcom’s water.


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