Squalicum Creek Park

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Squalicum Creek Park

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Squalicum Creek Park

The Squalicum Creek Park Stormwater Discovery Tour is an opportunity to learn how the City is managing stormwater runoff and reducing water pollution in this area. This park is one large sculpted terrain of stormwater features. This tour will introduce you to three different types of stormwater facilities: bioswales, a pervious concrete sidewalk, and infiltration basins as well as other interesting features along the way.

This park was once an airfield, a gravel mine, and a concrete production facility. To meet growing demand for sporting and park facilities, the site was transformed from its industrial past into a popular recreation hub for our community. To meet growing demand for open park space, the park came along just in time. In its industrial past, gravel mining had lowered this area by an amazing 40 feet. Once designated for a park, demolition took out old paved surfaces and disposed of buried concrete. The first amenities to be built were the baseball field and a restroom, and the land was contoured for designated park uses as well as effective stormwater treatment.

Today, the site includes ball fields, a basketball court, a loop trail and benches, an off-leash dog area, a picnic shelter, an extensive playground, parking and restrooms. The park development also succeeded in creating connections with the Bay to Baker Trail and the Coast Millennium Trail which now provides excellent pedestrian and bicycle access.

Development of the area has also included significant habitat restoration components along Squalicum Creek and Willow Spring as well as great connections with the Bay to Baker Trail and the Coast Millennium Trail.

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The park has good parking and all stormwater facilities on this tour are handicap, bike, and pedestrian accessible by sidewalk. Nestled between Birchwood Park, Birchwood neighborhood, and the Columbia neighborhood, this city park is accessed from Squalicum Way across from West Street. For safety and water quality, please keep dogs on a leash, bring extra bags, scoop every poop, and keep the bag until it can be put in the trash.

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This tour is accessible with a wheelchair.

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