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Barkley Trails

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Barkley Trails

The Barkley Trails Discovery Tour shows how the City of Bellingham is managing stormwater runoff and reducing water pollution in this area. On this tour, you will enjoy the gentle grade and dry gravel trail through a natural area of forests and wetlands as well as interesting features along the way. This tour will introduce you to four different stormwater facilities: the largest stormwater pond in the city, a wet pond, and several bioswales. 

The Barkley Trails Tour is great route for walking, jogging or riding a bike. Sites are located along or near the Railroad Trail. A loop is included in one part of the tour. Connect from Whatcom Falls Park, the Barkley Hill neighborhood, Roosevelt School, Barkley Village or downtown for a great trip around this part of the City.

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This tour is best accessed by bus and neighborhood trails. There are many bike and pedestrian access points from neighborhoods and streets near the area. For this tour, public parking of all types is limited and access is generally unpaved. You can get east access from the parking lot at Bloedel Donovan Park and west access at Memorial Park on King Street. For safety and water quality, please keep dogs on a leash, bring extra bags, scoop every poop, and keep the bag until it can be put in the trash.

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This tour is not accessible with a wheelchair.

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